Of Augusto Faustini



There are the jails, that have some bars: strong bars that see themselves and that one can saw. There are the jails, that have the invisible bars, that cannot be seized and shaken with anger; while while smiling you they say: "But you are free! The door is ouverte.ouverte! You can leave!." (Claude Buffet)


The adherence is not the fruit of a free choice

Everything that I will now say is the fruit of a personal experience lived in the Path NC. My reflections don't have any pretensions: I recognize not to have an adequate psychological preparation, however I want to return the public domain a reality that seemed me the fruit of a brain washing technique capable to depersonalize, bet some. uvre to the detriment of a lot of simple people that undertook a  Chemin" in good faith to rediscover their faith or merely to deepen the content of it. So nowadays he/it seems become nearly important and tiresome to think that it is preferable to resort to the simplifications and one arranges itself of it without having made an authentic path of knowledge and discernment beforehand. Rather than to listen to the other, one prefers to reinforce his/her/its own position while forbidding it all price.

I would like that my writing not only arrived to the responsible ecclesiastical Hierarchies, but especially to the simple faithful. Too many theological mistakes had this Movement defined as being "Catholic  pas" but " hérétique ". I only make allusion of it, while letting to the priests and theologians who took care the deepening of the topic of it (to see Bibliography).

A lot of techniques of bewitchment, used in this sect, are also used in other secret sects, as much inside that outside of Christianity, as we could note it lately in the case of the poor Archbishop Milingo, handled by the sect of Moon. While, however, of the sects recognized like highly dangerous (as the Witnesses of Jehovah or the satanic sects) one can defend itself because the church and the civil society help and inform, of those that prosper in the Catholic church, one can defend itself, because they operate in a sly and ambiguous situation of which information doesn't exist. A lot of priests, yet firmly counter, avoid to speak of it because they fear to splash the church. I believe on the other hand that the church should purify itself and come apart of all those that intend as terrific apostles but that benefit simple and available people actually, rich of ideals that they hope to develop in this  Chemin" that they suppose blessed by God.

I dedicate these reflections to my wife, that the catechists stopped me from attending on the occasion of two interventions surgical bass tones; to my small nephews, already numerous but that don't call me grandfather anymore; to their parents, who already called me dad; to the thirsty youngsters of true ideals, in the hope to save them of the sects, and to how much that are already in the "Path", in the hope that they open the eyes and recognize the "Canvas of spider" in which they fell and that enveloped them completely and taken.

All we believe that the one that has intelligence and a good culture (maybe titular of a mastery), that has the very strong feet on earth, can never finish in one religious sect. Nothing falser!

No one can consider itself safe from bewitchment and brain washing. During the course of life all we cross of the periods of big vulnerability due to collapses, of the serious illnesses, of big griefs or to the lack of ideals. All we have need to feel us included, accepted, beloved, and therefore we frequent the surroundings that facilitate such a situation.

The chiefs of the sects organize every activity scientifically while truncating the reports with the outside world, to make abort every face-to-face meeting, so that those that frequent them don't notice the slow changes but constant that will envelop the adept gradually in an invisible "Canvas of spider."

The Community Néocatéchuménaleses are born after an Announcement. Of simple laic present themselves to the vicar and ask if they can make a catéchèse for adults. The catechists give the catéchèses while bombarding with pseudo-Protestant ideas, without making an organization understand their adherence and, especially, without warning that by them is going to begin an engagement that will last at least twenty years. In spite of numerous " fausses notes" (that only the small number well formed in the doctrine of the church seize), usually all remain to listen confident, and reassured by the vicar's presence that carries itself guarantor and give the insurance that it is always also about a Catholic proposition.

All are magnetized by the catechists who preach with firmness. They make believe that what they propose is not the fruit of a routine preparation and that, especially, it is the only authentic manner to be Christian. Some affirmations of the catechists make be born doubts and surprises, but they always assure to enjoy the Pope's unconditional support. Discover little only that the Catholic church never approved officially them, even though they always look to hide it, while deceiving with false proclamations.

As he/it arrives in the sects, to the appropriate moment they have what the psychologists call exploded Coils Bombing (the bomb of love), while creating one moment of happy contemplation that gives the impression of a situation of friendship, concord and love artificially. Such situation (prepared often with the help of fastings aimed, followed of the acceptance of cakes and wine) creates an atmosphere that should be a concrete proof that one treats a group privileged by God. One uses, on the other hand, of a technique of the decoy to hang and to keep the neophyte. (Observations of the Prof. Mastronardi, titular of Psychopathology in the university " La Sapienza ")

Who frequents the NC, with the passing of the years surrenders account of the persuasive power of the chiefs and how among them, the family's conception is well different from the classic Christian conception. In the Movement, one achieves only one big family of 40/50 people who is guided by a head of household: the Catechist. The project of couple disappears. To his/her/its place follows to him the one that is inspired directly of the founder, Kiko Arguello!

As the one that endeavors to keep his/her/its autonomy of judgment, realizes that the chiefs monopolize life deprived of the only people through his/her/its liabilities of group completely (more and more frequent), with the increase natural of the regards between the members of the group and with the psychological control exercised through them by the "public  Confessionses ", the  Résonanceses" and the supposedly " Tours of experiences ". In these three moments one is forced to tell (even in the most intimate details) all secrets of his/her/its own life and the sins committed in the past. These intimate secrets must be demonstrated before the whole Community to become, so, like a sword of Damoclès that will prevent them, forever, to let the group.

The Chiefs of the Communities and especially the Catechist responsible for all Communities of the Parish wants to know, even in the most squalid details, all particularities of the problematic individual, in order to have in  poigne" the poor wretch's psyche, substituting itself/themselves, in fact, for the confessor or to the spiritual father. All it arrives without there is the obligation of the secret of the confessional, because they are not priests, but of simple laic. They convince the people that their organization is perfected and inspired directly of God. Consequently the one that even takes the liberty only a little to criticize their methods is considered a  Démon" or a "  Pharaoh" and when someone (that he/it is priest or Bishop) address of the objections to the organization, each of the members must treat it like a personal enemy.

Since the first meetings, they announce dangerous mysteries, warning that: one must keep of whoever wants to say things different of those that the  Responsableses" teach; that in this Catholic Church there is a lot of it that "hate" them because they are "the true" and authentic discoverers of the Christianity of the first centuries; that numerous are those that will have the desire in the future to abandon this experience, but "ever no one will have interest to make it", because "outside of the Path he/it cannot have there that perdition and misfortune."

Some take their two-handed courage and escape this experience, but "regret to have repented" much often because they don't have the capacity anymore to live an autonomous life.

While taking advantage of the real difficulties that nowadays presents themselves to make itself/themselves and to maintain some regards, the neophytes are forced to frequent itself/themselves only between them and they are implied more and more in numerous meetings, so that during years they don't have other true regards outside. One makes them believe that this experience is the only thing in the world that either important, and gradually the adepts are led to more to feel interest for the culture, for the art, for sport, for the politics, etc. All becomes secondary!

Since the beginning, the "responsible heads" insinuate in the neophytes the distrust towards the Catholics who go to the "normal  Messeses" and that are Christian class B, and they clearly affirm it while calling them "Christian of Sunday."

They invite to free itself/themselves of the affections, as far as convincing that even the dearest people, if one doesn't have succeeded to drag them in Community, HE/IT is BETTER to LOSE THEM!

Matrimonial, ministerial or religious, forced choice!

Singular obligation (how much unjust), is to impose to all or the matrimonial solution (controlled by the Movement) or the ministerial or monkish consecration imposed by the Catechists and, in last analysis by Kiko Arguello (bachelor) and by Carmen Hernàndez (former s.ur, bachelor)!

To the son of the years, the adepts become a group stationary, granitique. One manages to impose you the obligation to get married in the group (Endogamy), while saying explicitly: "you marry the girls of Israel." Ceux/celles that gets engaged with a girl or with a boy of the outside, are not let so much in peace that they won't force the other to enter in the Path. So ils/elles doesn't succeed in their attempt, they will be forced to choose between to abandon the " paradis Néocatéchuménal" or to abandon their " amour ". It includes atrocious psychological sufferings, because while waiting one will have convinced 'the adept' that the true Christianity can be only with the NC!

The same thing occurs for the spouses. I thought that before the sacredness and the indissolubility of the marriage, they would have counseled the hesitant spouse to choose the lifesaving of the marriage owing any dilemma always. On the contrary no! One of the most powerful Heads among the NC, the Avv. Franco Voltaggio, after having promised different Bishops that to save a marriage they would have sent back gladly home excessively the spouse of theirs excited, thereafter he/it gave an obvious proof, that what he/it said was false. Indeed, when one of the two spouses has been returned fanatically slave of their organization (thing that arrives more often than one thinks it), they manage to make live separated them to life (divorce of fact) if the other joins doesn't appreciate the "Community." It also happened to me. April 27, 1992, at 17 o'clock, in the church of Holy Leonardo Murialdo (formerly Saint Titus) Pincherle street (crossbar of Marconi street, zone Rome South), the vicar of then the P. Domenico Paiusco ordered me to live the rest of my days far from my house, my sons and my wife, because with my opposition to the organization néocatéchuménale I had opposed the Catholic church. The decision had been taken by the biggest  catéchisteses" of the diocese of Rome and was irrevocable. I have said to him that my (and his/her/its) Bishop had asked it to make the opposite. However he/it declared to obey his/her/its conscience only (but actually he/it obeyed leaders NC). Then no one had courage to oppose such a decision: nor my wife, nor my sons, nor Mons. Rivets, that was then the bishop of our sector.

I tried to maintain my autonomy of judgment, but I perceived that my family's members (united first), have been implied with time in multiple liabilities according to the different " Communautéses ".

Coming back one evening, tired of work, I seen myself that all had left: either for the "Liturgy of the Speech", either to prepare the meetings, either to prepare the songs. I dined alone like a dog and I noted how they had destroyed our domestic community really.

They brag about to be Catholic, but when there is conflict between to participate in their meetings or some sacrament, they make prevail always the superiority of the involvement to their meetings! One doesn't even discuss, then, when the alternative is with liabilities of social, artistic, sporty studies, love, politics or the "culture hated!", according to the Catechists all these liabilities are "IDOLS!"

Crucial moment of life faced with a limited fanaticism!

On the occasion of my mother's death (arrived October 1°, 1992) I asked my wife néocatéchuménale uselessly to pray with me. His/her/its answer remained: "I only pray with my brothers of community, who are my true and only family in Christ!." Fanaticism carries them to say and to believe that really this organization emanates Christ directly.

One day I made notice that the first of my sons didn't listen me in anything and I asked, as father, the right to be at least listened. Then one answered me: "But how, since he/it doesn't listen either the catechists, can you pretend that he/it listens you like father?." It made me understand to the evidence the real capotage of the roles and the strength of the absolute power of the catechists.

The young spouses are pushed (with the excuse of the opening to life) to an excessive and mindless prolificness. They manage to make generate them of new sons for a banal exhibitionism, rather than advanced by authentic love. There are families of 8, 10, 12 children!

In spite of the liabilities that occupy the days completely and that there is a total manipulation of the minds, there is someone that succeeds in keeping his/her/its own liberty of thought however always and to use his/her/its own head. When however this one takes the liberty to raise some doubt or to formulate some critique or even to make some propositons only, immediately he/it is accused of "whisper." The accusation is considered like a terrifying mistake and it will be discussed during the "tour of experiences." The poor brother should confess publicly before the Community. The poor wretch will be terrorized with the threat not to be able to pass following "Vote."

It destroys intelligence, the esteem of oneself and the sense critical of the person. After several years in the Path one comes only to speak almost always and merely with the same group of people and to make some the chosen fundamentalists. Then when they tell to you that you are mistaken, immediately, without having the time to analyze your thought or to filter the incentives that generated it, you convince yourself to deceive you. Who didn't live this experience, cannot realize what fanaticism this Movement inspires in the soul of the adepts, while creating many pseudo "fundamentalists" Catholics, similar to the blameful "Islamic fundamentalists".

The methods are different, but the results are very similar: discredit of the religion, danger for the civil society, ruin of the individuals that nurtures the irrational determinations, mental rigidity and fanatic persistence. The Afghans fundamentalists whom fanatically executes instructions of Bin Laden, are the same that during years, children, have been formed in the refugees Pakistani camps in light of the only Koran, without a minimum instruction on the culture and on the laic dimension of life.

I remember with horror the Easter lived during these years, preceded of rigorous, obligatory and absolute two days of fasting,; all impregnated of fanaticism; culminating with one whole night of songs; completely isolated of the parochial Community that should be the Community of all. At six o'clock in the morning had a "agape" (a lunch) with abundant dishes and wine in quantity. Some managed to intoxicate itself/themselves, of others to have the gagging suddenly for the full stomach with enormous quantities of food. Then one slept all day of Easter without having the possibility to pass, nor even one half-hour with members of the family and the non NC friends! To the other one made believe that during this night we touched the most sublime summits of the asceticism!

The fanatic fundamentalism has been repulsed decidedly by Jesus who says: "Return to God what is of God and to Caesar what is Caesar's!."

Among the numerous teachings proclaimed of manner martellante, the most repeated were: "Only God must be liked indeed (where for God one heard their Movement). "If your spouse is for you an obstacle, hate it! In the same way you will act with anyone who will give you desire to separate you of us: sons, brothers and parents understood!." A lot of couples had their broken marriage forever because of this strange organization, that looks a lot like a "SECT."

The emotional and psychological intimacy, united to a project, should be the bases on which to found any report of couple. During ten years, on the contrary, in spite of all it, I lived and had business to people étangères to our couple! Each can imagine what destructive effects can spring of a similar situation. The major part of the couples is ruined. Those that become aware of the reality, come out of this catastrophic experience; but as having nurtured the conviction that the NC was the real expression of Christianity, many will lose the faith forever and, of them, the church loses the trace.

The Catechists of the NC say that the adherents are of the millions! No one didn't calculate however ever that the outlays are ten times more numerous! Nor how much suffering they are about their back or if they kept the faith!

Absolute lack of identification in the church.

They don't want to be defined like "Movement", to make believe that only the Christian truths are those that remain in the Path. They say: "We are those of the Truth, we are not an organization!." Since the beginning they forbid that one makes reference to any type of organization. They are not an Association, they are not a Community, they are not a Movement, they are not a Club, they are not a Community of basis, they are not a religious Order! Their strategy luciférienne is the one not to appear! They want to seize the Catholic church but in a sly and hidden manner.

According to the technique of the washing of the brain, the neologisms and slang of the NC the members carry to accept the new ideas, even without no guarantee of credibility! The special language creates a sense of lucky adherence to an elitist group, dependence and blind obedience! While searching for in their structure one discovers that, whereas they want to give to all print to be the innocuous and spontaneous groups, only guided by God's mind, they are organized on the other hand like "Church in the church!"

They have some "Persons responsible" in every Community; the Heads of the persons responsible of the set of the Community of the parishes where they are present: the "Catechists" (that count a lot more that the vicar!); the Heads of sector (that count more that the Bishops!); of the regional and national structures that superimpose themselves secretly to the structures of the official church!

I discovered lately that the NC (without anything shows outside of the ecclesiastical surroundings) are antagonized by different clergymen.

The Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, of Milan, Silvano Piovanelli, of Florence, Giovanni Saldarini, of Turin, Salvatore Pappalardo, of Palermo,,; the Bishops of Brescia, Bruno Foresti, of Ivrea, Mons. Bettazzi and those of Novara, of Trieste, of Foligno, of Pérouses and many others underlined the serious danger this organization.

In 1988 Mons. Cesare Pagani, bishop of Pérouse died of infarctus after an animate discussion that he had with the chiefs of this Movement. Then, rather than to think on their own fanaticism one dared to speak of divine punishment!

In January of 1996, in England, in Clifton, the Catholic bishop Mervyn Alexander directed an investigation on the Path NC and, when she ended, he forbade to the NC to recruit new members in this diocese!

The helper National of "the Catholic action", Mons. Agostino Superbo, Bishop of Pugliese, together with 19 other Bishops of the region (all okay, no one excluded), in December 1996 addressed to the priests of the region a pastoral note some which he/it sustains that the NC "puts at risk the communion in the Catholic church" ("Jesus", February 1997, p. 36).

In Vicenza they created some problems! And no the least.

I knew that in Scandicci, neighbor of Florence, for a certain period a parish separated by the mistake of the NC. Why would we have to attend others small painful schisms again? One of the motives for which this organization is suspected by certain left from the church, reside in the fact that they betray all conciliar openings of social nature completely, all attempts to achieve in the world the "theology of the justice", all the ecclesiastic interest for the poor people and the dropouts, every beginning of democratization in the very church! They betray this same Council Ecumenical Vatican II.

On the other hand, all those that have at heart the conservation of the just doctrine (that permitted to the church to stay honest all along two thousand years of history) don't escape the heresies serious of the teachings that are written in the NC catechism and that they hold secret rigidly even to the adepts deprived specific loads! Only the first volume (Orientations to the èquipeses of the catechists for the phase of conversion) is composed of a good 373 pages. The persons responsible, however, always denied the existence of it!

A lot of expressed affirmations in these Orientations are of Lutheran origin :

The faith annuls the sins completely! The works don't count!

The free interpretation of the Writings is the foundation of all morals!

The vrair ministration is "the set of the supporters."

The priest must alone to "preside!"

Sacrifices, fastings, wishes and pilgrimages: be all of the useless things!

The S. Rosary is discredited and marginal!

The Sacrifice Eucharistique is denied;

The Transubstantiation is reduced to the symbol!

The Ministerial Priesthood is suppressed!

All it is Lutheranism and non Catholicism!

"The man cannot make the good because he parted with God, because he sinned and he remained radically impotent and incapable, in nurse of the demons. He/it remained slave of the Shrewd. The Shrewd is his/her/its Lord."

It is the Jansénisme and no of the Catholicism!

One ridicules the practice to keep the Very holy in the tabernacle. For them the presence of Christ's body in bread and in the dedicated wine, rest with the end of the celebration. To the basis of my modest personal memories, the first that triggered the alarm on the danger of the NC was the Father Virginio Rotondi, that in a set of articles in the daily "HIM TEMPO" denounced that this "elected people" persists in not wanting to recognize that God doesn't only speak us through the Sacred Writings, but also by the teachings of the church."And again: "The Writings must not be covered of a "magic halo! "

Then other priests noticed the danger of the NC. I recall the big and scholarly theologian passioniste Father Enrico Zoffoli, who wrote the whole books of testimonies and other tidy theological studies above all. His/her/its studies were continued by Don Gino Conti, quick polemicist and of the parish vicar courageous Don Élio Marighetto.

Techniques and fields of influence

"Catechists" NC repeat the same ideas of manner martellante continually and obsessive, while getting the personality's transformation that leads to a real washing of the brain. All becomes normal and consequent as the remittance of the tithe on the domestic entries (that all, even poorest, must pour) and to place at the disposal his/her/its own patrimonial and real estate goods (practically a share of 10%).

Clergy, Seminaries and centers of power

The clergy that holds them from afar is étiquetté and insulted with "Pharaoh's" epithets (against which God's people must fight), "Demon", "Judas". While the vicars and the Bishops who welcome them are rewarded financially. "The monthly offerings" (fixed salary and prompt) are addressed to the basis to the number of "Communities" that acts in the parish or in the Diocese. The clergy is conditioned psychologically! How would he/it be able to, indeed, to give up these copious wages? It explains the economic conditioning, that sometimes numbs the will of the vicars that welcomed them, and explain the multiplication of the seminaries also NC (more of forty) that produce some priests, but that Catholics, he/it is well little. These last will obey the chiefs of the Movement more that to the Bishops!

With a strategy that looks a lot like the one achieved by Freemasonry, they achieved the occupation of all neuralgic points and décisionnels of the instruments of mass communication, in order to be able to enlarge quickly and to develop their organization. They made themselves some psychologists as friends (among which the national president); a lot of journalists, as the Dr Roberto Piermarini of Radio Vatican; directors of public and private Radios; some vaticanistese of the writing of daily and weekly; some Banks (as the Bank of Rome, etc.).


Since the first meetings he/it is told the adepts that the Marriage, the family, work, the sons, the holdings are the "idols" who must be hated. Kiko makes his/her/its catechists that "the family is a terrifying myth tell when she becomes a religion. The Christendom must destroy it!"Therefore, to put to the first place the "Community! " If the woman is in love with his/her/its husband or the husband with his/her/its wife, they say that they made themselves an idol!... It is necessary to hate it!

During the "votes" one insists on the fact that the tie between the parents and the children are broken and that these last are offered to the Community (son of the "Community"). They say: "The sons are idols" and they suffer while seeing the love human and neurotic of the parents! (Kiko is convinced that the parents are all "neurotic" because they didn't want their sons!). I noted personally that the parent's picture is walked on the spot and annulled. The parents must make the public confession before the sons that, therefore, come to the knowledge of squalid and ashamed details of their intimate life, with for result the destruction of the parental picture.

The boys, completely implied in the NC, are deprived of all interests that milked to their youth: outside regards, fun, liberty, contemporary culture, opportunity to reason and to choose all alone! The political, social activities, and caritatives is, for them, a loss of time. Twenty years of "Path" produce the Christian in series. The changes take place in precise moments, fixed by the catechists (nor before, nor after). The action of the Grace doesn't exist! The Faith only arrives at the end of the Path with the renewal of the baptismal wishes. It is the sect that establishes the dates of when must arrive the "deep changes."

Secret and mysterious rituals

With mysterious rituals and the secret knowledge, the NC recalls the ruses of the former "Gnosticism" ' and of the present "Freemasonry." It is down a mysticism price that presents the meeting with the Movement as the most important fact after Christ's arrival!

In my memories the quickest and disturbing of the last years in Community, I remember that they always presented life lived before meeting the NC in a negative manner, emptiness, desperate, fruitless,; and the meeting with the NC as the luminous solution of all problems! Who didn't adapt to this collective and obligatory vision, was pitied like someone that had not met the Christ again! The one that on the other hand, while giving up his/her/its own personality, to his/her/its own desires and to his/her/its own ideas and submitted to the Catechist's authority, always received big responsibilities!

Foreseeing that someone could open the eyes and could resist the "brain washing", the adepts averstissaient while saying: "If your father, your mother, your husband, questioned goodness and the holiness of the NC, it means that it is the demon who speaks in them: don't listen them!."

The manner to speak, the linguistic terms, the movements of the body and arms, the look. quite, in a short time, is ratified and begin a situation of perpetual incommunicabilité then with the outside world. The young make themselves competition to dress or to let itself/themselves grow the beard like Kiko, their manger figurine.

While remaining in the Communities one doesn't realize of the secret plans with which they orchestrate all (until the emotions) what is outside to the Community, gradually losing value and interest! The liturgies of night (long and tiresome), weakening the body and the mind to such point that everything that by the persons responsible are imposed is accepted blindly to all!

The numbness of the mind is part of the indoctrination process. The adept becomes stupefied and inebriate to the point of more to succeed in giving sense to his/her/its life, if he is not in the Path Néocatechuménal.


The "Persons responsible" make all same sensations feel, nearly like a demonstration of the strong presence of God's mind! He/it gets a conviction of it as when he/it is in other surroundings, one even feels vulnerable to the risk of the depression because one is if bound now to the brothers that one is not able to anything anymore to make without them: their only family!

The secret is an obsessive thing. No one must question itself on what will follow: they cannot reveal the plans of the "Path" to the strangers and not more to the members of lower level; nothing must filter anything of that that arrives inside! The Heads often repeat with an inspired look that in the following "passages" they will have access only to a big proximity to God's marvels: the important is to trust the "Path", that means them, and to thank not to be of the "Christian of Sunday!"

They carry you to live life only within the Community, so that everybody is quite infected. The outside interests, the culture, the school, the politics, the art, philosophy, until the priests and the Bishops who are not NC can contaminate you and can make to you move away you of that that (without you see of it to you) became your jail. Since the First Vote they recall you that you put your signature on the "Book of Life" (the Bible of the Community) and that you "cannot betray then.".. "Jesus passed this time for you., he could not iron!. Jesus is acting by the Catechists." With these expressions and other counterparts they succeed in conditioning the minds even the most open and free. Meaningful is the resemblance between the ritual of the signature on the Bible of the Community, with it of the solemn liabilities that asks for themselves of the adepts of Freemasonry or the Maffia!

To block the flights they tempt to frighten the members while playing on their fear to "be refused by the Community." The fear, the sense of mistake and dependence is enormous: a real psychological terrorism.

A serious international organization, that studied the religious sects in the world (the FAIR) observed: "The sects use the sophisticated techniques that cause the destruction of him 'me', the modification of the thought and the psychological dependence. The sects can maintain the members in a state of elevated suggestibility through the lack of sleep, a special food or the fastings, spiritual exercises, a continuous indoctrination and of the experiences of group controled."

The persons responsible of the NC manage to have the total control of all with a personal manipulation exercised with the control of the middle; while creating rarefied atmospheres; while manipulating the confessions publics and the exchange of watched experiences and the use of an exclusive slang; ending up influencing their future desires even. It is known, indeed, that while restricting the used vocabulary, one reduces in the same measure the capacities to think and to hear.Transforming the picture that every individual has one even through the reexamination of all events lived previously. "Before" the whole life was ugly, "after" the meeting with the NC, life will become luminous because there will always be someone that will say that that one must make!

Makeups and blackmails

Some suggestive techniques are used to form all those that, in couple, will go from house to house and look for people to bring them to the first catéchèses. They present themselves with insurance, as reciting a speech learned by heart, necessarily loaded of enthusiasm, with a tampered and sure voice, and while alternating in pre-established points.

The "public Confessions" are used to cement the members between them of a Community and to control them in the intimate.

In the "Convivence" of trois/quattre days that they make during the "weekend" the members of the Communities are controled with the "Tour of experience" and are submitted to the psychological pressure. On the occasion of the different stages that they must pass they will be submitted to "Votes" that are revealed of the terrifying exams then, by which the Heads (that are laymen) inquisitionnent the poor "brothers" while displaying an authority to be able to establish the degrees of growth in the Faith of each of them. He/it arrives, in the practice, to confess to a layman! The priest, is reduced to the role of presbytre that only plays associate's role, only serving to give the illusion that what they make is wanted and permit by the church.

Sometimes they use psychological artifices as "the total obscurity" ("Sky light") united to the long silences, that give an irresistible impact on these poor stressed minds. All these things have been prepared and have been predisposed meticulously by Kiko Arguello in the secret book: "Orientations to the teams of catechists for the phase of conversion." In this book present Kiko in a detailed manner the special rituals thought to create the best psychological impact in order to dramatize every situation.

Destruction of the personality

One of the objectives the more pursued by the Head NC are the destruction of the individual personality. They repeat insistently: "You must die to you even, annihilate you yourself!. To the poor "brother" who makes to hold on only to the Movement and to live his/her/its triumphs, of his/her/its struggles, of his/her/its harvests of money. The friends of the Path become his/her/its friends; the critiques or the objectors of the Path become his/her/its enemies!

Each loses his/her/its independence and his/her/its manner to think: nothing has value more if it is not what the Path proposes. They teach to not to react to the wrongs that are made them to insure the compliance of the members and the dependence of the Heads! They lead to hate everything that can be object of emotional attachment or love (conjoined, pastime, career, watch, books.), because they present them as "idols", as if it was a competition to the Community.

The Catechists increase the demands of obedience, whole and irrational insofar as they decrease the sense critical of the members, active as far as saying that "The Catechists have the Charisma and can require a blind obedience!"

The individual resources, encouraged in the Catholic Associations (Scout, Caritas, Catholic Action, S., Vincent, etc.), are pent-up among the NC.

On the occasion of new catéchèses they give the load to approach parents and friends, while bombarding them with expressions borrowed by Jehovah's Witnesses: "Come to know our friends! Come and you will see! Then you will understand! No one can understand it, if he/it doesn't live it." They repeat to all: "You cannot judge", preventing that that it is to formulate the smallest objection even. They also shouted it to the face of the Bishops that took the liberty to object something! Any dialogue is nearly impossible!

Then those that as having made this "marvelous experience" appear critical, are presented like not being worthy of faith because they don't have all the experience, or because they are one border-line case, or they never met the Christ. Any attempt of dialogue is demolished while saying: "We will pray for you!", while wanting to say: "You don't understand anything. We are always in the accurateness." Their "Persons responsible" must only preach, without giving explanations ever!

During twenty years (and more) of Path, the members are held in state of absolute submissiveness, while constantly repeating the message of sin and corruption. To be able to go from the before, it is fundamental to enlarge the conscience of the sin state, while annihilating each personality thus! The Grace doesn't exist! The man can only sin, he doesn't feel then responsible! All must feel of big sinners, quite dependent of the Catechists that with the strength that is given them of the mind Saint

announce the Salute!

Some ideas are repeated continually: "If you are not in THIS SPEECH, you are lost, because outside of her he/it died there only only!." "You will free yourselves completely of the slavery in Egypt! Begin the Path with a Community! You receive the Messiah who comes to free you! Confide yourselves to him and Him he/it will guide you! He/it arrives that some let the NC abandoning Moïse (Kiko) and the Pharaoh attaches them and destroys them!."

The Catholic who practices little or the non prepared layman doesn't succeed in distinguishing that that the Writings Holy affirm (reference to a very definite historic context) of what the Catechists want to make believe as relating to their Movement. All it serves to hold people under their domination! Gradually they persuade to accept absurd expressions, as: "The Catechists have the Charisma! The catechists speak in the name of God! If you say no to a Catechist, you say no to God!."

The Néocatéchumèneses (like all sectarian organizations) consider like traitor the one that quits and they show it to the one that remains, as the quintessence of the Demon, while generating in him the fear and a big submissiveness.

The sense aigüe of identification in the group makes explode a powerful sensation of mistake in those that would like to move away, because they taught to them that the one that lets the NC, let God! Of the rest, how can they let those that know their most intimate secrets? How could one come back simple "Christian of Sunday?" Often, the rare that succeed in freeing itself/themselves remain also, with the desire to bring in the Path that made them dependent and destitute of insurance, more capable to live an autonomous life! And to say that they sustain to train some Christian ADULTS! After as much triomphalisme between the NC, life in a parish seems less beautiful (even though it is truer).

The Catechists impose long periods of fasting, accompanied by obscurity, of biblical readings, of confessions humiliating and compromising publics to which, to the appropriate moment coalesces continuation, of the festive lunches (feast) that lead the "Brothers of Community" on cloud nine making them feel illusory way that they are near of God.

Rarely the Catechists give explicit defenses because they are not necessary, since every individual and collective behavior is ratified since the beginning. No one will allow of the variations or derogations.

Life in the NC is something totaling: every sacrament is prepared and is celebrated in the Community; the children receive the baptism in the Community; since they are young they must attend the resonances in the votes and to the liturgy eucaristica (even the one of the Night of Easter); boys they will receive the caéchèses; young they will make the choices of life guided by their Catechists and through them, some blackmail will be made to the refractory possible spouse.

I heard to say some of their Heads that, in the next decades, with the forced and mindless prolificness that they instill, they could arrive to seize the church. and some risk... even of the World!

During the Path operates itself personality's pauperization, families coming apart, destruction of the life of the parishes and diffusion of heresies in quantity with different cycles of catéchèses that lasts 2/3 years chacunes: Announcement, "Shemà", "Prayer", "Traditio Symboli", "Redditio Symboli", "Lord Prayer", "Elezione", "Renewal of the,,

baptismal promessses!"

The leisure is absorbed completely by liabilities of community. It makes grow the internal regards exclusive to the group and influence in a steady manner people while cutting the bridges with the outside world.

The activities of the Community are so totaling that they seize completely of the individual, up to transform in a "fundamentalist" who doesn't have the capacity anymore to converse serenely with the strangers because become incapable to accept any compromise. One their pépète continuement: "It is surely just! That one was mistaken!." "Who said that? God!" (who speaks by the Catechist's intervention). And the mind accustomed to move itself/themselves on the ways of the religious fundamentalism becomes inflexible. Every report or convivence with outside topics to the Sect become impossible, because the NC cannot take anymore in consideration to have a behavior different of that that has been instilled to him inside his/her/its Community. As pass the months and the years, with ceremonies collective triomphalistes, the topic is convinced by the Catechists that his/her/its spirituality and his/her/its Path of Faith are in big growth (whereas grows actually in it fanaticism). Influenced cleverly he/it is convinced to improve continually, while actually he/it gets worse visibly.

The NC not only considers the compromise like an oath, but they require that the obedience to their Heads is blind, resolute, complete and set in practice "to the letter."

The one that (abused, as the undersigned) thought to create a situation of compromise that could make possible a report with them, had catastrophic results!

The adepts are isolated and they feel alone, destitute of insurance, distrustful of all those that, not being the Movement, cannot understand. They don't confide in anyone and isolate themselves completely. To prevent all defection, the Catechists convince everybody that if they have have the problems or doubts, they must not expose them to the priests or to the Bishops because they would not understand.

I speak by direct experience: in March 1993 I had the opportunity to show my doubts to my sons and to some old brothers of the Path, while giving a testimony and confirming it with the support of some book of Catholic critique of the Path Néocatéchuménal and while saying: "Let's think and let's ask the help of a few good priest that is not NC."

Immediately the biggest son went to the Catechists who told to him explicitly that I was the Demon in person! Even though my son had promised me to read them, after five minutes he threw them in the caisson of garbage, with big satisfaction of the Community brothers.

In some cases, the desire to have the sons that are the mirror of the catechists, makes that one conceives them (yet it is physically with his/her/its own husband) while knowing and while hoping that they are raised well and are educated by the Catechist. This one becomes the true father from a psychological and educational viewpoint. A real psychological treason arrives in the comparisons with spouse and the traditional family disappears: the family doesn't exist anymore!

All believe blindly to what the supreme Heads of this sectarian Movement that are displayed their exaltation say while declaring explicitly: "We have the Charisma! Kiko is inspired directly by God!." To have one so big influence, they also use psychologists. Groups of whole families are swallowed in this gulf of the most natural manner in the world, nearly attracted by a magic fife.

The mental rigidity is due to the acquirement of numerous obligatory ideas, without they can be discussed. The poor people who are made themselves have can imagine either of solutions different from those that are proposed by the Sect. The intellectual and cultural poverty, united to the corrupting power of money makes the rest.

It is known that the sect achieves the "reform of the thought" while leading in people a conviction to change their conception of life and to make believe them that only the one that belongs to the sect knows the truth.

Into the Confessions publics and the "raisonnance" one entered psychologically (to demonstrate that one is on line with the teachings of the Sect) to say the things that the chiefs want that they are said. and with these same words that the chiefs want that they are said!

The auto-esteem is annulled completely to instill the idea that only the NC can give them the earnings, bringing them thus to a total dependence. During the first two years of pre-catéchuménat they are mingled with threats and the promises of new revelations mirabolantes as: "This night the church will give you the Glorious Cross." As if while vying between them, some tell the disgraces arrived to those that moved away of the "Path" or that even thought only to make it!

Every Community is convinced to have had of God the duty to save the Catholic church that is dying. Each deducts to some therefore, that the salute cannot be found than only among the NC! Gradually one begins to use the term Church as synonym of the whole Community NC! The Catholic that n'appartient not to the Movement, even though he/it is practicing, is pitied and labelled like: "bigot", "hypocrite", "pagan"! The Christian normal is worthless!

Afraid and subject the poor members won't be able to come anymore out of the "Community" at less parce that settles an undissolvable tie with this group of people that has the knowledge of the secrets and the most hidden fears, by the "public Confessions"!

Irreversible damages

The children of the parents in "Path" porten of the permanent and irreversible damages. To understand everything that arrives, it is appropriate to recall the experience of laboratory

known as the "strip of the kitten."

So for a little time, to a pussycat hardly born, one puts a strip on an eye, when he/it removes himself/itself him, this eye will remain atrophied partially and not more in condition to acquire the normal visual capacities, even with energetic rehabilitations.

The children who grow in a religious sect cannot take some, nor are not even in measure to assume to assume their responsibility in sectors that ask for an autonomous initiative, the imagination, the culture, the inter-confessional tolerance or the knowledge of the contemporary thought, etc.

When there is not a continuous and vital report with the outside world, he/it misses an exchange of intellectual sap. It facilitates the numbness of the very brain at the most intelligent people. If a fly, indeed, land on a picture, she/it will never be able well to see it. To admire it completely she/it "should leave" and should move away of the picture. So he to the one that enters in a sect arrives: he/it will never value the middle that surrounds it in an objective manner, until he/it takes his/her/its liberty of judgment. He/it will be able to compare itself/themselves with others that are even foreign to his/her/its reality and to value a just manner the reality that he/it is living then only. But to make it it must be humble, honest of thought and to have a beautiful dose of courage!

Conquest of the parishes

Imperceptibly and subtly they lead to believe and to consider as their true family the Community NC, while adopting the terms of "brother" and "s.ur" to recognize itself/themselves between members. They replace the term priest with this of presbytre. They throw strong and incomprehensible words to the strangers, as "kérygme", "koinonia", "kénose", "existential", "ontique", "Servant of Jahvè", "glorious Cross", to make impression on the simple people, as to make believe always that they have God in pocket!

They seize the "exclusive" parish: with a mischievous gradation, they make the "monitions" to the Readings of the Mass; they choose the songs; they teach the catechism to the first communicants and to the confirmands; they prepare the paschal liturgy, while excluding all those that the contrairient and while substituting itself/themselves for all other association. The Vicar loses the control of the situation thus.

In the rare cases where the vicar succeeds in moving away them, he should wait for a terrifying reaction. Then all their fanaticism will explode. The poor will meet big difficulties to replace them in a restful and appropriate manner; he/it won't certainly replace the considerable entry of the monthly offering (having renounced to the one of the NC) and either to defend itself/themselves of offenses and calumnies that these will put in circulation. It is what arrived to a vicar of the province of Rome: as he/it succeeds in freeing itself/themselves of the NC, immediately he/it was alone, because of a stroke, they nearly dragged all supporters.

The weapon of money

Another strong conditioning is given by money. Every adept must pour at least the 10% of his/her/its entries to the movement. It arrives after the "second passagge." This money, rather than to go to the poor people, go to the "roving so-called catechists', that while going in tour in Europe and in the world to spill the Movement, must not lack anything, of the clothing to the car, of the house to the baby sitter. These roving Catechists are pushed to take leave of their workplace to live, from this moment and for the whole life, to the total load of the Sect, with the whole family, without they don't lack anything, in foreign countries, completely defrayed. How not to think about them and to the luxury in which they live when, hunted of my house, I was forced to sleep in the car! The is raked by this sect are something gigantic and of with difficulty ratable. They understand the 10% of all dependent or professional work gains and the entries of retirements, donations, inheritances,; the offerings make in order to show that one is detached by money with renounces it to personal property and domestic. The frequent harvests of money are done with a bag in black plastic (the bag for garbage) that makes the tour of each. Each puts money or valuable articles there. Money serves for the acquirement and the maintenance of luxurious residences, of Seminaries and to pay for the wages to vicars and Bishops who appeared good to facilitate the expansion of the Path. Naturally of such wages, that one can bring back to an unique national scale, are given in proportion of the number of existing "Communities" in the territory, and they are not called "wages" but "offerings." The substance doesn't change anyway.

Other money is spent for the public relations and to make itself/themselves a beautiful picture in the Catholic world. Only in small part is he/it used to the service of brothers of Communities several needy persons, but he/it is given like fruit of big sacrifices and he/it is a source of continual blackmail and debt of recognition. In practice: first of all they impoverish the families with a mindless prolificness and then they hold them linked with the blackmail of money.

Money is the good to which hold the more the chiefs of the Movement. Between other he/it could serve to condition the next Conclave also, of concert with other descended Movements this last time inside the church.

The stream of money that enters continually in the cases of the Movement, doesn't only come of "spontaneous" offerings, but also of the sale of thousands of objects of cult with the exclusive mark of Kiko. I refer to the desks, cross, tablecloths for altar, carpet, carry-bouquet, stoles, tunics, etc. All these objects are constructed in one their factory, and signed by their manger figurine, sold to as "exclusive." Until the final ritual of the baptism in the Jordan stream that is celebrated while putting a "signed" costly tunic, with journey and lodging organized by the Sect.

"As they lacked international funds", in May of this year (2001) Kiko asked all Communities that had made the 2° Passage, to pour urgent way (even to the risk to make a guaranty) the sum of ten millions to be able to finish the construction of the "Domus Galileae", "the biggest work of the kind in Palestine!. " There are of years the NC said that in Italy there were more than six thousand Communities. If the number corresponds to the reality, how much of score (or hundreds) of billions will they have collected with this call, and how will they use them indeed? Kiko certainly has a strong sense of the business and he knows how to camouflage them very well, while proposing his/her/its high spirituality. And the naive, full of enthusiasm for him, believe and pay.

Vexatious blackmail

Often the NC tells to undergo some persecutions, but when someone as me, denounce the fruits disastrous of the Path, he is insulted, one pities it; stigmatized like "Judas", "traitor", "demon", "Pharaoh". Then in the Communities they exult when someone criticizes them, because they believe that the critiques are the persecutions that prove their "holiness" and the exactness of their experience. But the true persecutions these are the others that undergo them. Me, my family has been removed me, the sons, the love of the grandchildren, the house, etc. Often I hear histories to give the goose flesh: of people blocked in their career or in the work, the superior and leaders that is Catechist NC; of the professors destroyed at the school; of the transferred Bishops; of the hunted vicars and a lot of other situations of the kind.

Why don't the Bishops intervene in a problem so serious?

I try to suppose some answers. Some obey without criticizing to the orders that come of in top.Others are hit of success and the cordial involvements of the NC to the events organized by the Pope. Some cannot make anything without the monthly salaries of the Sect. All should give however account with their conscience and with God's judgment.

Why don't the civil powers intervene then them?

The unique penal rule that could be implied is the one on the psychological bewitchment (art. 603 C. P.) who, unfortunately, in 1981 has been declared unconstitutional because not clear enough. The Constitutional Court recommended that one provided to the earliest to his/her/its reformulation. The demand of inconstitutionalité was made by different Italian and foreign religious Sects. Why since 20 years his/her/its reformulation stopped to the Commission Constitutional Business of the Room? I am not indeed what to answer. I remember while, different lawyers NC have me laughs to the face while telling to me: "You pouves nothing to make us, because in Italy the envoûtemente doesn't exist anymore."


Psychological manipulation

The Movement Néocatéchuménal is a Christian group of sectarian mind. As all sects, he/it uses an united intolerance attitude to an aggressive proselytism. He/it imposes his/its special manner to think, to hear, to act, while the church asks the man for a convinced and responsible personal consent. The constraint is latent and it doesn't recognize herself/itself comfortably.

The Catholic church in the Pastoral Note of the CEI of May 30, 1993, by the Secretariat for the ecumenism and the dialogue mentions the "washing of the brain" in these terms: "One can observe in knowledge of reason that the sects and the new religious movements normally appear closed to the dialogue, tense as they are to the announcement with methods of propaganda of which they use by the psychological pressure while having the tendency to captivate the interlocutor in order to reach an acritical and total adherence, as far as producing, in some cases, the personality's bewitchment." And again: "Sometimes he/it arrives that the adepts to a sect are bound through shapes of coercions and vigilances, in order to arrive to real limitations of the personal liberty. In these cases one is in front of an imposed and forbidden success."

In such a document, therefore, one makes reference explicit to the fact that in some groups, are presented of the systems of psychological pressure that don't respect people.

There is in the Movement néocatéchuménal of the choices that seems free, but that actually he/it is not. It arrives at the end same of the "Convivence" that concludes the cycle of the fifteen catéchèses that introduces the participants to the pre-catéchuménat. Those that accept to begin the NC, from this moment, without in to perceive, let of fact the Catholic church to adhere to a new cult, of which the doctrine and the practice are in antithesis with the previous faith, even while remaining convinced to be in the orthodoxy, of which the passive face of the priest-presbytre is the guarantor of it.

The one that accepts to be part of the Community NC, ignore the mechanism that, slowly but will carry it inexorably to convert, and the methods of formation to which he/it will be submitted will be going as far as reaching a total dogmatic and acritical adherence to the principles of faith and to the religious ideology proposed by the CN that will carry it to his/her/its personality's total bewitchment.

Some elements confer to the Movement NC, the flavor of a sect. They have: of the hierarchical stratifications; of the rituals of access and "passages"; the constant verification of orthodoxy; the engagement totaling; proselytism.

The adherence to the group is so exclusive that it is irreconcilable with the involvement to all other expression of the social life. The practiced indoctrination process in the Movement is not compatible with the Catholic faith and it serves him of psychological pressure while making use of sophisticated mechanisms that doesn't respect the person that unconscious and ignorant of what is arriving it, accept all passively.

The consequences of this conditioning on people are deleterious and stay even when the catéchumène abandoned the group, while marking irreversible manner the psychic health of the weakest. The expression "brain washing" has been introduced to the beginnings of the years 50 by Edward Hunter Jr., corresponding journalist of Hong Kong for a daily of Miami, to translate a Chinese term (brain-washing) that means "cleanliness of the mind." It was about a persuasion system, used to free the mind of the Chinese of the old beliefs and to convert" them" to the ideals and to the Communist programs.

There were three phases in the process: "décongélation" with which one put in doubt all their principles, until the point to want to abandon them,; "modification", that took place when the prisoner began to see the positive sides in the Communist ideology and to get following those that had accepted them; "recongélation", that consisted in convincing them of the goodness of the new ideas that they had accepted thus definitely. Then, so that they feel assured more they conditioned them to prepare their defense, in the event they would be attacked. Prepared thus, they could let themselves with difficulty influence by others that would put in doubt the new position in which they had surrendered.

The same technique is used by the Movement NC in his/her/its recruitment. The fifteen introductory catéchèses during which the Kerygme is proclaimed corresponds to the phase Chinese of "décongélation."

In the phase of "décongélation" one has the tendency to demolish the certainties that the members possess, especially if they are Catholic apprentices. One says that "the church, sacrament of salute, doesn't see itself to nowhere today in the parishes, but rather these are offices, where people go to the Mass, to the baptism, but it is not a sacrament of salute" (1°SCR p. 31). And again: "Those that we call Christian they are scandal for those that don't come anymore to the church" (1°SCR p. 62). The spiritualities recommended by the Magistery are ridiculed: "Keep yourselves of some ideas of the God Good that are all mercy... of type Sacred Heart, with this craze and the face all touched up, all sugar and honey, all sweet and tender..." (HOWEVER P. ). "The Catholic church is full of heathenism and idolatry" (PR p. 34). ." Rome with the cardinals, the curie..., each makes its business, there is not there a true pastorale: in Rome there was a true pastorale never. It is the worse earth of the world" (PR p. 183).

"We want to form in the parish a community that either sign. This community to the long changes the pastorale and the structure of the parish" (HOWEVER p...).

These messages are received well of the weak in the faith and the disappointed of the Catholic church that begin to believe that the true Church is in the Community. Kiko says: "The NC is the very church, that is something very different from the groups of the monsieurs of the S. Vincent, of a Catholic action group... it is a path that has the church because if you discover that the Catholic action doesn't give a fruit, and you don't know where to go, you can meet in this path the faith" (1°SCR p. 55). "Think when you will be scrutinized, that you are in front of Jesus Christ, even though I am a fool, a scoundrel, an idiot, when you will be seated while speaking with me, you will be at that moment speaking with the Jesus Christ; we accomplish a service in his/her/its name and it is God who inspires us" (2°SCR p. 90).

In the phase of the "modification" the members begin to see the aspects positive of the communal life: interest and attention to the one that demonstrates to have some

problems that the harcèle; climate of cordiality and happy welcome; "convivences" with a monthly cadence, that gathers the adepts in the enthusiasm, like an escape of the daily routine. The Community is seen like a good thing and it accepted as such. The one that begins to make part of it, begin to browse this spiral that some specialists identified and compared to the process of affiliation to the sects. The individual will move away more and more of his/her/its hinterland (loving members of the family, social ties, vital securities). As one participates in the Movement he/it comes down from spiral in spiral, while losing view all other reference and while only seeing the reality proposed by the group.

Third stage of the suit: "recongélation." In the beginning the choice to enter in the Movement could be one way or the other free and conscious, but when one entered, it is driven in a whirlwind of which it will have the difficulty to free itself/themselves and the community will become the most important thing of his/her/its life.

Kiko says: "When you entered in the community, also you were polytheistic and for you the truth and life were work, the family, the affirmation of you same, the children, the society, the car and between all these things you also had the Community. To this point of the Path, after four years, the things are a little different, and now, because you are convinced that these things don't give you the the whole happiness, now the Lord can tell you: "Listen to Israel, I am the friend, the other are not gods" (SH p. 72). "There is a lot for that it is unpleasant to go to the community, but they cannot let it because the Speech opened them to the truth of the world and they are not able to more now to free itself/themselves because... where would they go? If salt loses its taste it doesn't serve more now that to be stagnated of the men. You will become an unhappy man, you won't serve to anything anymore, because if at least you were as those that didn't know the catécuménat and don't know anything, you would free then with the T.V. or you would become member of Rome and you would leave with a big illusion to see to play it all Sunday. BUT YOU HAVE BEEN MARKED TO FIRE AND IT "NO ONE CAN REMOVE IT TO YOU" (SH P. 103).

With these Kiko words nails forever at the Path the adepts and he/it doesn't make himself/itself of scruples to throw some maledictions on those that, while waking up of the enchantment, in one moment of lucidity, would like to come back backward: ."..My brother, you can come back backward: however attention! Brothers attentions, because God sent you the concrete catechists, who told you that they saw Jesus Christ. IF YOU LEAVE, TO REASON OF OUR TESTIMONY THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST RETOMBERA ON YOU." (PR P. 412).

If the adept shows some sign of hesitation the catechists "sustain" it while recalling him that he put his/its signature on the Book of Life, that means the copy of the Bible of the Community, in the ceremony known like First Vote. Then he/it was told to him that it was free not to sign and to interrupt the "Path"; to sign meant the salute insured, not to sign to lose it forever. "Now, as putting your name you will say your yes by choice that has been made to your consideration of all eternity. Rejoice yourselves of only one thing: your names are written in the Sky" (1°SCR p. 143).

The group becomes thus the jail in which all, to hear the catechists, are free, but in the reality, morally "chained." In this psychological terrorism climate, take place the "Votes", led by simple laic, that replace the priest, and that erect itself like confessors of the brothers of which they pretend to know the most intimate things of their life, that become the property of the whole community in this manner. Under the effect of the "washing of the brain" the catéchumènes is forced to give their own goods. "The man looks for life in goods. For it in the communities you will sell goods. It said it to no one because they would leave all while running" (HOWEVER p. 50). ."..In a country one hears so to say that to enter in this community to sell goods is necessary, no one comes more to the catéchèses" (2° SCR, P., 97). In a lot of convivences people rebel and don't hear to sell their own goods and they think that they must make an alms... you don't understand" (SH p. 96).

In the stage that is called "Second Vote" Kiko asks to the catechists to scrutinize people according to these criterias :

if they changed mentality;

if they got to the test with goods;

if they made the Path

One can conclude that the problem in the Movement NC doesn't remain only in the contents (decidedly incompatible with the Catholic faith), but also in the methods and in the techniques of indoctrination, aiming to the extinction of the personality and the bewitchment of the weak people psychologically.

Final call

How much time owes ourselves again to wait for, us, victims of the swindles of the Movement,

Néocatéchuménal, before the Community for the Doctrine of the Faith decides to emit a document that can stop Kiko, Carmen and their catechists who continue to spill their false doctrine, while ordering in the parishes, with the passive presence of the "presbytres" that "guarantees" the orthodoxy of their very catéchèses when they hear heavy heavy accusations directed toward the Catholic church?

How long will permit yourselves with your silence that they continue to destroy the parishes

And the families? To let say to the NC that the Holy Father approves them and that it blesses them when you know well that they say the forgery? And if the Pope knows this that all discovered, why let that he compromised there with dogmatic mistakes scattered in the "catéchèses" of Kiko and Carmen, clearly of heretical flavor, philoprotestantes, given by laymen deprived a theological preparation, even during hours nocturnesuit and in a maximal secret climate, with a psychological technique of indoctrination having the tendency to humiliate people, lowering the esteem of oneself in order to make they receptive and more malleable to the ideas of the Movement?

And that to say some consequences spiritual and psychological bass tones that a lot must undergo, as the loss of identity, the insecurity and the depressive shapes who sometimes carry to the suicide?

Those that would like to abandon the Path are not able to. When someone enters in the group, he/it is taken by liabilities and compromises and, therefore, he/it undergoes, he/it is quiet and he/it obeys the Catechists who frighten with maledictions and threats in order to intimidate the one that gives signs of hesitation. Those that left ask for help in the church while denouncing the abuses but they are considered like lepers and no one listened them.

With your reticence, you discredit the Sovereign's picture and you make responsible for a lot of sins of people that, disappointed by your attitude, will lose the faith.

After more of thirty years, now, one knows the doctrine of Kiko. The secret has been unveiled thanks to the merit of zealous men of church that You know well and whose books have even been put between your hands. The times are now mature. To what does it serve him to be quiet, to cover, to wait? Is this the scandal that to avoid maybe wants? We should first give some accounts to God with the men of this earth. Before His/her/its court we will owe all to appear: Pope, Bishops and Cardinals understood. He/it would be sufficient, without creating scandal, that all Bishops forbid: The catéchèses of Kiko and Carmen in the parishes to the doors closed with their pseudo catechism: the gospel goes "shouted by the roofs"; the Catechism quu the church handed to the supporters is unique!

The celebration eucaristique Saturday evening: you know that the NC célébrent different Mass at the same time, one for every group.

It is against the rules that are issued. In the pastoral Note of the CEI, of July 15, 1984, "the day of the Lord", prompter to not to multiply beyond the just number of the Sunday messess, and here and there, also of the Mass of Saturday feast evening", because this practice of "contemporary Mass, result from serious prejudice for the pastoral care and risk to compromise the truth of the feast" celebration.

The progress of their pastoral program: while obliging them to follow the diocesan or parochial pastoral program.

The time arrived that you gave us some clear answers!

We are tired to wait. Precipitate yourselves to intervene before he/it is too late. We don't want to think have been betrayed by our Pastors. WHAT SHAME TO BETRAY THE CHRIST IN FAVOR OF KIKO!

(Augustus Faustini)





For a deepening of the topic, one recommends the reading of the following books :

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To deepen the thematic of the bewitchment and on the danger of the sects, to click, : and or to read :

Steven Hassan, Mentalmente liberi. Come uscire da una sètta, Edizioni Avverbi,,

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