Extracted of the report sent to the catechists in October 1998

Néocatéchuménal path



Consequence of the research of the power: permanent research of a recognition :


One grants a lot of importance to the outside picture to avoid all discount in question and one takes care of the appearances, the "marketing". One endeavors to camouflage our poverties and our weaknesses, to camouflage our sin to function according to the ideas of the world. It is the negation of the Cross, of the power of the Cross. Importance granted to the reputation, to the stocks and functions, to the good presentation - to aesthetics -.



Consequences of the filtering of the information and the law of the silence: Hierarchy and closed Circuit



However, God gave and continuous to give to his/her/its Church a multiplicity of charismas through different movements and Christian communities. And us, instead of welcoming them (simply through a brother or a different sister, cad of another sensibilité . ), we say that we are the best, that it is we that are right, or in any case, we show it by our comportements ; therefore, we begin to criticize the other sensitivities (orthodox, protestants, . that are yet all of the Christian.), to judge them and to exclude them. And it is it that is unacceptable.

If one considers all different ministries honestly, the Path néocatéchuménal attributes by his/her/its attitude of pre-eminence, and by the attitude of his/her/its representatives (cf. supra & infra) the monopoly of the proclamation of the Speech and the new Evangelism, passing in silence over all others movements of church.

However, the Path néocatéchuménal doesn't detain the monopoly in the church of the proclamation of the Speech and the formation of the Christian, - although these two aspects are developed very at home.

(*) So in fact God didn't exist, the man would not have need to deny it and to try to prove by all means that he doesn't exist. Therefore God exists.

Of the methods of sects to the sect, there is only a step. And no one realizes the deviation so much she/it is subtle and insidious. especially when one is oneself within such a system - The spiritual pride is a slippery slope toward the mind of sect, toward the conviction that the movement to which I belong has the pre-eminence in the church and that the other, them, didn't consist of anything.

We constantly search for the glory coming of the men, we practice the worship of ourselves. We build a temple (Baal) of ourselves internally and secretly, then in a more conspicuous manner. Then, we make a temple of our community, of our nation ,: so much so that this temple will become a project, then a material realization, a building, that will only be the mirror of an interior reality of the human being, of a community, of a nation. We become similar to the idol that we adore.

This is how I understood the reason of the construction of your building in Israel, on the Mount of the Beatitudes.  In addition, he/it is in construction on the Mount of the Beatitudes, like an irony or a provocation to Christ who pronounced his/her/its speech of the Béatitudes s,: on Words of the Beatitudes proclaimed by the Christ, you, the big of the Path néocatéchuménal, you build with the money of those that you indoctrinated by washings of brains on several years (of initiations, passages and stages of all sortes ), a building, human temple on the Mount of the Beatitudes :

  1. as symbol of recuperation human of a grant of Dieu :  You proclaim yourselves God on what escapes - the Beatitudes (*) - to your human control through a building of which you controled the realization minutely (CAO, models, projet .)
  2. as mirror of the interior reality (Baal) of notre/votre heart and that that enliven the persons responsible anxious of the picture of the Path néocatéchuménal secretly. It verifies itself besides humanly in all domains, that it is in the church or outside.




Consequences of idolatry: Hierarchy - Elitism - Aesthetic


1. Hierarchy


2. Elitism :

+ the myth of the purity that is the essence of the sects that confounds ELITISM (according to the wisdom of the world) and ELECTION (according to the divine wisdom) and that truly God's call (vocation).


Remarque : The masonic initiation also drives therefore to elitism, to the taste of the power, to the pride, to the obduracy of the heart and to the lack of love opposite oneself and God (v. also the components of the mind of Jezabel).


3. Aesthetic

After meditation of the questions darned higher than that is not a new aesthetics that will save the church. as Kiko pretends it in his/her/its letter of the 08/09/96 to the Pope Jean-Paul II - but on the contrary, the real repentance of each of us that will be capable to humiliate itself/themselves before God to implore It to grant us the mind of repentance that is the mind Saint, the mind of Truth that will convince the world of péché !


These three facets (Hierarchy. Elitism. Aesthetic) have a narrow tie between elles : they are the fruit of the spiritual pride and l 'auto-worship. The spiritual pride that constitutes a major danger for all Christian community - because insidious and hidden - and reason of blindness

The human being is made thus, that very quickly he puts the hand on God's grants to appropriate itself/themselves them and to pull his/her/its own gloire  of it, through aesthetics notably, because beauty, aesthetics entails compliments, flatteries, congratulations. It is going to glorify the man who will want to return his/her/its work immortal, and one is going to attend notably here the construction of a temple in which one will grant the pre-eminence to aesthetics. To immortalize his/her/its work, the man will be tempted to write down his/her/its name there, and in the present case, the temptation to invite the communities (also "to reward" them of their financial contribution) will have a plate with the name of the community, affixed to a place of the temple.

The spiritual pride is the symptom, the infallible sign of the presence within one or several communities of the mind of Jézabel. (cf infra)


Légalisme : existence of a regulation and the very established structures



Ga 6, 12-15 ,: Of people anxious to make good face in the flesh, there are those that impose you the circumcision, to only end d"éviter the persecution for Christ's cross. Because those that make himself to circumcise don't observe themselves the Loi ; they only want that you are circumcise, to boast in your chair .

Because the circumcision is not anything, nor the incirconcision : it is about being a new creature."


"Oh Gallatin without intelligence, that bewitched you?. "Gen. 3,1

The sorcery is a work of the flesh, c-to-d that it is an expression of the very nature of the fallen man it substitutes herself/itself for the true authority to exercise an illegitimate authority. Since it is about an illegitimate authority, she/it must be sustained by an illegitimate power.

The sorcery implies the manipulation, intimidation and the domination.

The stubbornness and the persistence are the signs of the sorcery and the fruit of idolatry. The obstinate person makes her own opinions (= fortresses) of the idols.

Rebellion = sorcery; God's Speech tells this topic: "A sin of sorcery, there is the rebellion, a crime of téraphim, has the presumption! Because you rejected the speech of Yahvé, He/it rejected you so that you are not anymore a king!" His/her/its 15, 23. The rebellion is the dismissal of God's just direction in our life by which one clears itself of the divine authority.

Rebellion :

"Misfortune to the rebel, the soiled, to the oppressive city! She/it didn't listen to the call, she/it didn't accept the lesson; in Yahvé, she/it didn't confide, of his/her/its God, she/it didn't approach. His/her/its princes in the middle of her are roaring lions; his/her/its judges, of the wolves of the steppe who don't keep anything for the morning,; his/her/its prophets are the boasters, of the impostors,; his/her/its priests desecrate the holy things, they rape the Law. In the middle of her, Yahvé is just; he/it doesn't commit anything iniquitous; morning after morning, He/it promulgates his/its right, at dawn, He/it doesn't make defect, but the iniquitous doesn't know the shame." So 3,1-5.


The profanity, it is the research of a personal recognition, the smallest and most secret either her, to the detriment of God's glory.


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