Letter of Louis & Mary Beasley-Suffolk to the jury of investigation diocesan on the path neocatechumenal
(to Diocese of Clifton, Bristol board, England, January 1996,)

Louis & Mary Beasley-Suffolk
40 route the sky light
Bristol board BS5 6XQ

January 28

Dear M. Millington ,

I would like to reveal what the path made not so much for me that for the comunaute of the parishioners,

Us (the parishioners non implied in the Neo-Catechumenat) asked continually has our priest of parish, Cannon J., O'Brien, to explain us what was the Neo-Catechumenal path precisely, what he/it made for him and how the movement was compatible with the life of the parish in this country. During the spring 1993 the meeting has been arranged and a big number of parishioners attended there. The meeting has been tripled in number by the members of the Neo-Catechumenat, while surpassing this way the non members by the ratio of 2 to 1. The meeting began with the entry of our parish priest followed by another priest and the small setting of unknown laymen. this unexpected group was - (it felt) - the national team of catechists of the path based neocatechumenal in London.

After the introduction by our priest of parish, the meeting was controled by the prelate in visit, Fr. José Guzman that during the 40 minutes that followed accused the parishioners to be:

He/it has been told us that him 'Holy spirit' is she 'seed of the faith' and that the Neo-Catechumenat was the path of 'gestation of the faith.' We had to recognize that we were weak and require to be humiliated, and in this way to realize once the that we would be then ready for the Neo-Catechumenat. We had to also realize that in our parish the priest of parish was our shepherd, our guide. After the cutting discussion, Fr. Guzman has been convinced of our faith lack and finished the meeting.

These accusations by Fr. Guzmen are the denial of our Baptism (New Catechism 1253) and the offense against the Truth (New Catechism 2467, 2468, 2469, 2475, 2476). Us the parishioners tried to conform us to the New Catechism 2478, but he/it has been denied the same thing by Cannon J. O'Brien and Fr. J. Guzman (New Catechism 2479). The new Catechism 2487 is one of the reasons of the grievances.

The Neo-Catechumenat, under the appearance of Fr. J. Guzman, and by the association of our parish priest, denied our incorporation in The Christ through the Baptism (Cannon 204 and 96). What is arrived is one of innumerable distortions of Truth that crackled the parish with the regularity of the machine gun and his/her/its intensity, while forcing the supporter to look elsewhere for one shelters or has be lose merely. These people are not anymore in comunion with the parish or the church, or is "God's people", it is for which the team of the investigation should look. One of the places or they won't find them is to St. Nicolas of Tolentino.


Louis & Mary Beasley-Suffolk

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