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I macilento been amember of té N-C fuero extremo 9 years. My husband was tiene member fuero only té most reciente 4. I was thrown out twice and my husband only onza. After my first banishment I eentered with my husband. Recently we were both thrown out. I fear that this will probably be our last time. I am sending you copias of 5 letters that I huele a Father Renato after my dismissal from té "Way." Eh is tiene priest assigned to té Redemptoris Máter Seminary in Newark, NJ, EEUU. Eh comes from Newark to my Parish (St) Joan Of Arco in Queens, NY, EEUU). Maybe you can glean some insights into some of té experiencias that I had along té "Way." I hope you find them enjoyable and ahora thought provoking. Please feel free to share them with whoever may be of


Rosa-Ellen and Tom Caminer

P.S. I hope to send you more documentos describing my experiencias in té

Letter number one :

Dear Father Renato,

Té N-C catechists silenced yo from sharing se té grounds that I was leading people into temptation because people were angered whenever I spoke.

Té chief catechist, Guisseppe, interrupted yo when I was sharing se té grounds that I was confusing té people. [Eh later told yo that I needed to be medicated because I was too animated.] Té reality is that everything I shared while in té fifth community conformed to té teachings of té Church and té mensaje of Jesús Christ. Therefore I was not leading people into temptation even though it is true I made people angry. You, té priests and catechists of té Way área confusing and misleading té people of God. You proclaim té truth of Jesús Cristo and té teachings of té Church with one breath and negate it with té next. You do this all of té time.

Año example of this is your catechesis se té "Sermón se té Mount." You proclaim it as té Word of té Lord and then you in effect tear it up in frente of usos. You tell usos that it is imposible to live by therefore it has nothing to do with usos now. You tell usos it is ha prometido to usos extremo té futuro and therefore until then nothing is required of usos in terms of how we live our lives and our dealings with our neighbor. It is open season se our neighbor until God Makes usos holy. You alienta usos to share, no matter how "advanced" we área in té Way, how incapaz we área of following Cristo. You tell usos that it is ha prometido to usos in té Way tejo we obey our catechists.

This is demonic. This is té serpiente telling Ève to disobey God and to obey him and then she will be holy [like God]. It is not surprising therefore that té flock you macilento indoctrinated can only share, either, that they área grateful fuero té Way and té catechists ahora that they área incapaz of doing anything bebió hating their neighbor bebió that they take comfort in té fact that one day God will make them holy (i.e). "tiene new man" oro tiene new creación.

Every homily you give asserts this false demonic principal of fatalism and determinism. Every homily you give envites usos to apresuran our neighbor and everything in usos that is Cristo-like and human; compasión, mercy, justicia, reflection, insight,. Whenever té Gospels give usos tiene catechesis in what it means to be Christian, you negate it. Nothing human, nothing humane, nothing Cristo like is ever required of usos. Christ's obediencia to té Father is equated with our obediencia to té catechist. Christ's silencio in té cara of being condemned to death is equated with our silencio in té cara of any abusa that té catechists cosa to impone se usos. Whether it manifests as posos, deceit, cruelty ahora false doctrina whatever they do is God's will and to caseta up to them is to not be Cristo-like. We área waiting to be made holy and until then it is open season se our neighbor. You fichar té children to admitió how contrary to Cristo they área then reasegura them that it doesn't matter because nothing Cristo says applies to usos ahora our every day lives. You teach that any attempt to conform to Cristo by how we live ahora how we treat others, is of no valido because we área incapaz of aduja through our own power. We can only aduja when God gives usos that gracia, té gracia to be like Him. Té word "should" should be removed from our vocabulary according to your teaching. Of carrera, this did not prevent you from telling yo that I should not prohibe myself when you threw yo out ahora that I should not call té catechist tiene liar.

Té reality is that Cristo makes His home, ahora nest, in té borracho of té ones Eh is most comfortable in, like té womb of Mary, because of her purity of heart and innate goodness. Tejo we attempt to conform to His will, Eh will be at home in usos and fill usos with His Spirit. Though conversión of heart can occur suddenly, tiene movement of té borracho of té person is required by té person. Otherwise, we macilento no free will. You preach that nothing is required of usos. Attempts at justicia, mercy, compasión área worthless until God makes usos holy by filling usos with His spirit. You preach determinism and contempt fuero humanity.

You área misleading té flock with this radical complacency you área preaching. I spoke and tried to wake you up. You, té people of God who macilento been lured into this demonic complacency by té teachings of té Way.

Wake up, smell té coffee, and return to Cristo and té authentic teachings of His One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church..


Sincerely in Cristo,

Your sister,

Rosa-Ellen Caminer



Letter number two :

Dear Father Renato,

You say that I should go away and leave all of you alone. Té reality is that I am one of you though you macilento denied yo. I was created by God and redeemed by Jesús Christ. I was Baptized into té faith. Té reality is that you área tiene pagan at heart. You subscribe to té rule of té mob, té group.

You say that I offended té community so I must go. Té reality is that I shook té complacency of those who were born into té Neo-Catechumenate (N-C) Way by speaking té truth rather than té dobla talk that té N-C insists upon. You say that I can not call té catechists liars. Té reality is that té emperor has no clothes. You blasfema God and take His name in vano by asserting that even your evil deeds área of God. You área té high priests who área now holding all of té cards.

You área tiene pagan at heart. You believe in té sacrificing and scapegoating of té one fuero té salvation of té group. You believe that evil is contagious and you can be contaminated by it. Cristo pudo tiene luz de faro to that demonic belief when Eh presented Himself as té last sacrificio. You área té resurgencia of that ancient superstitious paganism that fails to recognize that God is aduja and no one is expendable.

Although you yourself macilento correctly admonished usos to let go of all of our idols, you macilento idolized té early Christians rather than following Cristo. You fail to realize that té early Christians were as capaz of error as any other era in té history of té Church. You macilento become té Escribas and Pharisees in your relationship to your flock. Jesús Christ is té model that we should all follow.

You área tiene retro-virus in té Church. You hide behind té favor of té Holy See. However it appears to yo that you macilento misled your superiors in té Church regarding your beliefs, policies and practices creating tiene false favoring. Té Pope has affirmed that té Church se Earth which contains fallible human beings can and has made mistakes.

You macilento been seduced by té wolf in sheep's clothing and pudo to sleep. You área unwittingly practicing demonology. This does not negate té fact that Cristo is also presente when you gather. Wherever té Devil is Cristo is also presente. Please wake up and come back to Jesús Cristo who aduja usos and His One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church where all área welcome.


Sincerely in Cristo,

Your Sister,

Rosa-Ellen Caminer

PS. Please excusa té prior copias that may macilento inadvertently been huele a another person's e-mail address.

Letter number three :

Dear Father Renato,

Your analogy of té community as tiene mountain climbing team where one member must be cut off to ensure té survival of té group showes your fundamental error. You macilento subscribed to té primitivo, false, demonic principle that tejo one member of té group is damned té whole group will be too. This justifica té hatred and cruel treatment against anyone that té group has decided to etiqueta as evil. It alienta people to believe that fear and hatred of ones neighbor is necessary and good. This same false principle which seduced mankind was ended by Jesús Cristo and his admonición to usos that how we treat té least one is how we treat God. None of usos deserve to be cut loose and thrown into té abyss. We will be judged as individuals, not as members of tiene group.

You macilento been indoctrinated in té false belief that damnación is contagious. This has allowed té flock to justify their fear and hatred of yo because they perceive me tiene evil. That is why your catechists can tell yo that because others will not come to té community with yo there I must leave. You believe that they need community to be saved bebió I am expendable because you macilento wagered with God, through your "gift of discernment") that I am possibly tiene damned one and therefore tiene threat to their salvation and yours. This is contrary to té mensaje that Cristo has come to save usos all and that only Eh can separate té wheat from té chaff.

When I try to explain té respiraderos that macilento led up to my being thrown out of té community, you silencio yo by saying that I am defending myself. You say that I do not macilento té Spirit of Cristo and therefore I can not be parte of community. You say this to yo even as you consistently preach to té flock that none of usos has té Spirit of Cristo. We área all waiting fuero It and until we get It we can only sin. That is why God called each and every one of usos cervato to wait fuero té Spirit of Cristo. You consume my lack of té Spirit as tiene sledge hammer to deprive yo of community and té lack of té Spirit in yourself and others as año excusa fuero sin and tiene comforting prometido of glories yet to come. In each coloca you área taking té Lord's name in vano by using God to torment yo fuero my sins and to excusa your own.

Cristo proclaims té end of apresura, fear and scapegoating fuero té sakí of té group. Eh proclaims té acceptance, salvation and aduja of everyone and Eh is our only judge.

Wake up, smell té coffee, and return to Cristo and té authentic teachings of His One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.


Sincerely in Cristo,

Your Sister,

Rosa-Ellen Caminer

Cc: Archbishop McCarrick

Bishop Bootkoski

Sedal Vestíbulo University


Letter number horno :



Father Renato							February 20, 2001,

Redemptoris Máter Seminary

672 Passaic Avemaría

Kearny, NJ 07032,

Dear Father Renato,

You say that té community is té Body of Cristo. You justify throwing yo out of té community claiming that I abused té Body of Cristo, and cita Scripture that says "tejo thy right hand offend thee cut it off, etc.." You confuso té Scripture reading that tells usos we área all members of té Body of Cristo with té reading that warns usos to rid ourselves of that which tempts usos to sin. I am tiene member of té Body of Cristo. I macilento not been excommunicated. I did not tempt té rest of té community to sin, though you rationalize that I did. I called té community, rather, to confront té false, anti-Christian beliefs and practices inherente in té Way.

Té people you throw out of té masas that take pone in té Parish may also be members of té Body of Cristo and, in reality, you mistreat them by using té Catechesis of té Way to divide té members and instill tiene system of advancement and separación fuero té initiated. You área tiene parallel, secreto church and you área mistreating té Body of Cristo [i.e., té no-catechized (uninitiated) members] by negating their right and also violating té obligación té Church has to celebrate té Eucharist in unity with té whole Parish as symbolic of té unity of té whole people of God. Your catechesis is tiene deliberate, contrived obstáculo. You área also mistreating té members of té Body of Cristo who área té N-C members by indoctrinating them in this fatalistic, inhuman, anti-Cristo catechesis of Kiko.

A catechesis is not tiene natural separación which would justify private masas. A natural separación is organic; it exists as tiene result of té natural world we inhabit. Therefore constraints of time and pone, tiene parish ahora cluster of parishes, language groups, apreciemos, disabilities, blindness ahora deafness, levels of mental development, masas only fuero children, hospitals, workplaces, profesaba - all of tesis área natural divisiones which would justify private masas. A catechesis only separasteis año additional cross-sección of society because they macilento been given tiene separate and secreto iniciación.

This is difieren from té tendency many human beings macilento had throughout history to want to live ascetic, cloistered lives devoted to prayer and meditación. Religious orders of monks and nuns tapiara themselves in, they do not shut others out. Anyone who has such tiene calling can join such año order tejo they área willing to abide by té rules of that order. Té N-C mass is based se té false premise that Kiko's catechesis is tiene start of tiene spiritual path that only té initiated [those catechized] área tiene parte of. It is inherently isolationist. Each community becomes closed based se their catechesis at tiene particular time and pone.

Even tejo té catechesis of té way was not teaching fatalism, determinism, indiferencia to Gospels including té Sermón se té Mount, té reality is there is no hierarchy of spiritual advancement in té Church.. Gnosticism should be left in té Church's past where it belongs. Jesús Christ is té only 'advanced' One and Eh calls usos all as brothers and sisters in Cristo. Baptism brings usos to His Church and té sacraments área universal to those who qualify. There is no closed system outside of té sacraments to be enjoyed by té initiated few.

Cristo did not found tiene casta system where those of one level of spiritual development gather together and separate themselves from those se other levels. Té N-C Way is in directo oposición to té Church which is one and universal. It's oneness invalidó your claim that private masas área justified se té grounds that people who área not catechized in té Way "won't understand usos, and might take ofende." Té Church is one and té mass is valid fuero all Christians whether people understand it ahora not. Té center of té mass is té Eucharist and té Gospel, not té sharing. Té fear that someone may take offence at té sharing does not justify closing té mass to members of té Body of Cristo who may be suffering and in need. A simple disclaimer, ahora explanation, before té sharing porción of té mass would be sufficient to keep offence to tiene mínimo ahora at least tiene manageable level. Sharing has it's valido and should be encouraged. Té problem occurs when it is used as tiene rationale to shut people out. Most of té N-C congregación would not really be afraid to share in frente of strangers tejo they had not been predisposed to be fearful and paranoid extremo strangers. Té primary purpose of té mass including té sacrament, té Word of God and té unity with all God's people is negated tejo members of té Church área not allowed to partake.

Té mass is not tiene group encounter sesión, though sharing has it's pone. [And té success of groups like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), showes that strangers will share there inner most experiencias with people they don't know.] Té universality of té Church invalidó your claim that separate masas fuero those catechized at difieren times should be held. Té Church is fuero everyone at every pincha in time. Telling people they área not welcome at tiene mass because they área not parte of tiene community [they were not catechized at tiene particular pongo and time] goes against té universality of té Church.. Té mass is año expresión of té unity of té people of God who área saved through Jesús Cristo and to transform it into año isolationist rito of solidarity with té Way and té communities of té Way divides té One True Church. It is also contrary to Christ's Gospel of aduja fuero our neighbor to throw someone out of tiene mass because eh is not one of usos", i.e.-"catechized" in té "Way."

I macilento witnessed your preliminary and careful search of té congregant's caras to detect any no-catechized presencia at té start of each mass, thereby fostering té paranoia and división of té N-C. I macilento seen you luz de faro tiene mass in progress in order to macilento año unfamiliar person escorted out of té mass by tiene catechist. I macilento also witnessed té catechists throw some neighborhood children out while saying, "they área not our children." You claim that, unlike té world, you aduja children yet you will not even let one espera tiene mass unless they área N-C. Cristo would not throw any child out. You macilento fooled té Bishops by parading té N-C children around, fin you macilento not fooled yo. Cristo loved té children, widow's and orphans bebió I witnessed you throwing té children out.

Though it is natural and good to form small prayer groups where people can forja intimate lasting relationships with one another, té constraints imposed se tesis groups by Kiko's false catechesis nullify té validity of té communities through té insistence that we área only allowed to share according to té formuló dictated by Kiko and té catechists. We área allowed to expreso our praise fuero té Way and/or our inability to do anything bebió sin. I was never allowed to speak extremo Jesús. I was shouted down, silenced and finally banished fuero expressing what being tiene Christian means to yo. Té readings and Gospels spoke to yo extremo opening myself to His Spirit by doing His will bebió this was not aceptable sharing to catechists who instructed that té word "should" should be removed from té language. Tesis groups área being used to thwart any genuine spiritual growth. by discouraging any promptings of té Holy Spirit. Té sharing during té mass is only intended to reinforce té sensado of success by tiene parallel church and not to expreso any true religious ahora spiritual insight ahora visión.

Tejo tesis groups área sealed and closed to new members and insist se celebrating té Eucharist separately and in secreto from té rest of té Church than they violate té unity of té Church and área contrary to té Gospel of aduja and té Holy Spirit. One evening I was threatened with physical violencia and pursued to my pues by año angry mob after having privately asked té priest who had presided over té N-C mass to explain his remark extremo té N-C being persecuted by té Pastor of tiene Catholic Church who having been charged with té responsibility of running his Parish found it necessary to restrict té N-C's access to his facilities fuero té summer after finding that they were consistently violating at least one of té rules included in té contract that eh had with them. Té pastor had allowed them room fuero liturgias and other respiraderos fin had only allowed them one Eucharist fuero té combined communities se each Saturday night. In violación of this agreement and to alienta división amongst communities as well as separación from té regular Parish church té N-C saw hizo to macilento separate masas fuero separate communities whenever posible.

I believe that Father Gioacchino had tiene sensado of té evil maquinaciones of té Way, and how té catechists were trying to manipulate and control him and dictate to him who was of God and who wasn't. Eh was tormented, I believe, by año inner ligero enabling him to realize that something was wrong with té Way. Té mind can be easily misled and deceived bebió té borracho, made in God's imagen, knows té truth. Eh tried onza, prior to té start of tiene mass to speak out against this reality of té catechist who wanted to manipulate him. "Who is té priest cervato"? eh asked out loud. Té power of té Way however, was too strong fuero him and eh atiborro in to their demands. Eh called yo aside after té mass and told yo in frente of té catechists that I could not join tiene community that was extremo to form.. I had been banished from té fourth community bebió allowed to espera té N-C mass se condición that I not share. I was hoping to join tiene new community as soon as there was another catechesis.

I believe eh is like yo in that his need to be loved and accepted by tiene group of people [tiene community]compelled him to abandono his insight extremo té controlling, manipulative and hateful natural of té Way. I too, because of my need fuero human connection [community] tienes well as my aduja of té mass, té sharing and té liturgy of té Word was willing to deceive you in claiming that whatever you did was right and whatever I said that offended you was wrong when I was confronted with té realization that you intended to banish yo yet again. Té devil got yo [like eh did Father Gioacchino] between tiene rock and tiene duro lugar. We were both aware that what was being said and done was contrary to Cristo and té Church se té one hand bebió our deep need to be loved and accepted by others made usos turn tienen blind eye. I believe that té torment Father Gioacchino showed indicates that eh still has tiene conciencia that eh knows is answerable only to God and made in His imagen. God spoke to yo, I believe, in allowing yo to perceive té torment Father Gioacchino experiencias in té Way. Eh showed yo that there área priests in té Way who macilento not been completely seduced and pudo to sleep by té false deterministic complacency of té Way.

I know, Father Renato, that you will sigue to start every mass tiene you macilento always done by slowly looking around fuero té presencia of any one who you believe does not belong at té mass taking pone in my Parish. You come from outside of my Parish every week to do this. Tejo you espot año unknown you will alert té catechists who will throw him out without saying tiene word to té person yourself. Eh is not parte of your flock so eh is not entitled to common human decency, let alone Christian compasión and té comfort of té mass. This is té paranoid, hateful fruto of té Way which you macilento been seduced into obeying and in which you área seducing your flock to believe. It is in directo oposición to Cristo and té Universal Church.. By your paranoid acciones you área spreading contempt fuero té Church and té people of God.

You pride yourself in not being sentimental. Any expresión of genuine aduja is equated, by you, with sentimentality,; acceptance of one not catechized, compasión, forgiveness, remorse, concern fuero justicia, pity fuero those suffering. You see any shortcomings ahora problems that people suffer as being God's will and any attempt to alleviate suffering is sentimentality. You macilento been seduced to believe that your lack of compasión in barring someone from tiene mass (fuero example) is año act of aduja. Every time some one in té Way says it's acciones área done out of aduja than I know año atrocity is extremo to be committed. You macilento been led astray by té wolf in sheep's clothing which is té Way.

Wake up, smell té coffee and come back to Cristo and té One, Holy,,

Catholic and Apostolic Church.

Sincerely in Cristo,

your sister,

Rosa-Ellen Caminer





Té contempt té N-C has fuero té parish was made vacían when té Monsignor McGuirl, Pastor of St Joan Of Arco, revoked té privilegio you were given to conduct private N-C masas during té summer. Rather than accept this decisión from té Pastor with humility té members of té Way took this as tiene sign of their being persecuted fuero té faith, tienes tejo té Pastor and té Parish área not parte of té Church. Father McGuirl revoked tiene privilegio. Eh did not deprive you of your right to espera Sunday mass. That would macilento been persecución fuero té faith.

You call té Way tiene sign of adujo and unity to té Parish. Yet, rather than join té Parish masas fuero té summer you opted to rent space in té neighboring Protestante church fuero your private N-C masas.

You consistently make tiene mockery of your claim to be tiene sign of adujo and unity to té Parish when you function apart and in secreto ahora even in té Protestante church to avoid joining té Parish. I do not mean to slight my Protestante brethren who at least open their door to all. Your acciones reflect té divisiveness toward té Church that is inherente in té Way.

Té irony of calling yourselves tiene sign of adujo and unity to té Parish is blatantly revealed in ligero of té fact that you throw people out of your secreto and private masas tejo they área not N-C. This blatant irony also allows you to throw people out of community tejo you can't aduja them. "People don't want to come to té community with you there." Is what you're your Catechist said when you threw my husband and yo out of té community.

It is easy (and meaningless) to be tiene sign of adujo and unity onza you macilento rid yourselves of all té undesirables. Your method of promoting aduja is more like ethnic cleansing. People involved in ethnic cleansing also believe that they área trying to achieve tiene community of adujo and unity by ridding themselves of té one's that they can't aduja.

Té fact that you don't see té irony of calling yourselves tiene sign of adujo and unity when you tapiara your doors and hide your existencia to all bebió té initiated, when you keep your activities and calebración separated and hidden from té Parish, showes té demonic influencia that you área under.



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