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Is the path néocatéchuménal a sect???

Welcome on the page of the PATH (Collective Heuristic and of exchanges on the mental Manipulation to the inside of the Néocatéchuménat).

Here are some elements if you want in to know more on this movement "recognized" by the pope Jean Paul II but contested by many bishops, priests, laymen...

I am psychologist clinician, psychotherapist and psychoanalyst. For me he/it doesn't make any doubt that this movement is sectarian. It is in part because I am accustomed to make some research that I found these documents. I needed hours of research to discover that I was not the only one to interrogate me on this movement. The translations of the foreign sites are not perfected, but permit to seize the big lines, for those that don't master the original language. It asked me however for a lot of time and of energy, it is why he/it seemed discriminating to me to make benefit all of it those that want it.

I am not interested in the doctrinal side of this movement and his/her/its orthodoxy or no with such or such religion or belief, on the one hand because I am not on the subject a specialist and that other sites take care some, and, on the other hand, because what interests me is the mental manipulation and the alienation of the adepts of this movement.

However the testimonies that you will read are in agreement whatever are the country and show the sectarian ascendancy and the progressive loss of the liberty of thought of the individual.

It is not here about wondering about the beliefs that are let to the total discretion of each, but to the risks to which expose itself the individual tempted by this movement.

I let some articles however voluntarily of religious on this site because one of the manipulations exercised by the path is guilt and the fact to say that the one that criticizes the critical path the church and therefore God, what is a horrible thing to a believer's ears. These texts will permit to see as well as other sounds of clochent sound.

Thank you to read the first page in whole before clicking on a tie, and to record this page in your favorites to come back there because some ties take you on other sites (sometimes in foreign language). You will find testimonies of laymen there but also of people who is in the Catholic church (priests, bishops, etc..).

YOU NOW HAVE VARIOUS CATEGORIES to FACILITATE THE VISION OF EC VERY COMPLETE SITE (more than 2000 pages)!!! It is obvious that you will also find some analyses on the mental manipulation in the various categories, because the testimonies nearly approach all this problem.

The foreign versions won't be put more up-to-date for lack of time. Thank you for your understanding.

...Good surfing!!! This work doesn't have for goal that to rough down a little the raw stone \

Message for the former catechists of the path who moved away and understood that that was the path: If you possess the "tendency to the teams of catechists" for the stages (another one that for the conversion, since I already possess it), you can send them to me in all discretion, by promenade or mail (Sebastian NICOLAS 17 Rue Mère Dieu 79000 NIORT FRANCE), anonymity respects. Beforehand thank you.

Of the mental manipulation....

Testimony parru July 5, 2003 translated of Italian by Passoni denisFranca of The Spezia sent a meaningful testimony who confirm the methods used by the Movement Neocatechumenal. One year after the approval of the Statute the controlling néocatéchumènes continue to use the psychological pressure to "manage the adepts"

Testimony parru April 5, 2003 Italian translates in the magazine adista of 2 former néocatéchumènes by denisla mental manipulation has the work in the path

Témoigaege of August 27, 2002 translates of Italian by denisLes usual things on the manipulation exercised in the path


Does the path fill the 10 parliamentary conditions of the dangerous sects?

News published on the bulletin n° 9 of February 4, 2002 of the press agency international ADISTA"Difficile to leave: trapped and blackmail towards the "convicts" of the Movement"

some disinformations

analysis of excerpts of the interview of kiko in the newspaper 30 days in 1997 You will see some crosschecks there with the catéchèses

My analysis on the manipulation in the path

Small fast synthesis, the path is he/it a sectarian movement? (Sebastian NICOLAS, psychologist,)

Analysis critical of the catechese number 1 of the path (excerpts of a document reserved to the catechists, who are used "to convert")

Testimony of Friedrich GRIESS (discover that he/it is through his/its internet site), his/her/its lived with the path in AUSTRIA to see the original in English and in German, click here

"Who is the neocatechumènes? ", articles of Elena CURTI article parru in the English Catholic weekly the Tablets" (authorization of publication on this refused site, contact the to have the document...) The original in English here (authorization of publication on this refused site, contact the to have the document...)

" Testimony of an ex-adept at the time of congressional international on the destructive Sects, in BARCELONA, in April 1993" This person was during 5 years in the path

Written articles in "Golias Magazine" n°65, reproduced there here with their agreeable autorisationVous will see "the path néocatéchuménal: the trouble game of the vatican", "when Kiko, the guru of the path sells his movement to the bishops"; "Nancy, how the path made explode a parish", etc...

an invitation thrown by the path, when they were able to it... "In your difficult life, in your sadness or your solitude... " In these two invitations, he/it is interressant that the path apparrait nowhere, he/it is not made mention either of the length etc... One sees that it is a priest, therefore one is in confidence!!! The same paper or would not have a reference to a priest would be already a lot more suspected... no?

another invitation thrown by the path, when they were able to it... One sees again here the searches for "maybe for people pain in their being accept - you not what you live..."

A site in ITALIAN against the path: with very numerous testimonies of people having been in the path during a long time (laymen and catechists), of the official pieces of cardinal pretres,de, etc...

The translation of the site in French

A site in GERMAN of prevention and information on the sects, the religion, with numerous pages against the path,

The translation in French by veiled

A site against the sects in SPAIN. One sees the path néocatéchuménal there, quoted TFP, FBU, etc...

Note on the néocatéchuménat by H. BOURGEOIS, prètre and former dean of the faculty of theology of lyon While reading well one sees that this man asks the question of the liberty well...

An article on the mental manipulation

The 11 features of the destructive movements according to Vatican.. a lot of these points make me think at the path...

A book of an English journalist that speaks of the néocatéchuménat

An analysis on the sects and the new religious movements Made by the diocese of alsace (and makes well)


letter of a vicar of the Lazio, published in the magazine "pastoral life,"

When the languages come untied

Testimony of a young woman that knew the path during 2 years in france

A couple of former catechists of the path speaks (translates in French by denis dumas)

Testimony of christelle in france...

Testimony of an ex Italian neocatechumene translates in French by denis...

Testimony of an Italian victim of the Path Neocatechumenal, Augusto FAUSTINI,

Analysis very rightly of DUMAS denis, CANADIAN, concerning the NC...

Lived of 2 former catechists of the Path Neocatechumenal

archives of the forum of his/her/its opening until the 17/02/2001 (this forum being had saturation, not to put any new messages in because they would be erased under 12h00 maxi)...

>Participate at the forum, express yourselves, see some analyses and testimonies...

Lived parochial of the parish of Pulnoy close to Nancy, by the CREDOP, group of Christian that is created itself following the problems dregs to the arrival of the path in this parish. (in construction)

Testimony of a couple of USA against the path to see the original in English clicks here

My lived and of the testimonies of former adepts or of near, that prefer to show off not too much

Analysis of a niort continuation parishioner has the arrival of the path in his/her/its parish

Another site in GERMAN of information against the path

The translation in French by veiled

The path also criticized in JAPAN of the parishioners failed to carry complaint because of the path neocatechumenal...

An article of the diplomatic world where he/it is question of the opus dei... strange one associates the path there..

A Spanish article associating opus dei and path neocatechumenal

extracted of the report sent to the catechists in 1998 by Dominique PIERRE, a woman of BELGIUM who was in the path during 3 years,

Of the members of the church, or the "near" speak...

An article parru in Christian family and translates in French by denis dumas

An answer by grant gino


Sign and send back the petition to the vaticanCette petition is signed by numerous people in italie and the author of this petition (Augusto FAUSTINI), also call some to the good wills in france. He/it is the author of a very consequent site against the path of which you will find the tie on this site

The archbishop of Catania, LUIGI BOMMARITO translates Italian by DUMAS denis

Recover his/her/its testimony in Italian, on The home page of the site of the diocese of catane..., or here

Analysis of the neo-catéchuménales communities" "by My Lord Luis Alberto Luna Tobar. Ocd,Archevêque of Cuenca (Ecuador)

the source of these documents in Italian

The book of the father zoffoli (Italian) translates by DUMAS denis With the agreeable authorization of publication of the Segno editions (italie)

Site against the path makes in AUSTRALIA

the translation by veiled in French

Conference Episcopal Pugliese Même for many archbishops and bishops, the path poses problem... (translation of Dennis, thank you to the passage...) To see the original text in Italian > click here

A work makes by the pastoral office of the archdiocese of Vienna in 1994, critical of the path to see the original in German click here

An Episcopal conference of the Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway,; Dannmark, Finland and Iceland), in 1996 He/it is said there: "some groups within the church, opus déi and path néocatéchuménal, have a spirituality that doesn't agree really avecle context and the way of thought Nordic" text translates from Norwegian into German by Friedrich GRIESS

An article very critical parru in "Stimmen "Zeit der reviewed of Jesuits in allemagne of July 7, 1992 to see the original in German clicks here

An article in "The Cross" of Wednesday July 5, 1989 "THE NEBULA OF KIKO: imported of espagne, the movement néocatéchuménal intrigues the church of italie. We present the main caractéristiques"(autorisation of bayard of it is urgent refused they will put can be the archives on their site, contact them...)

An article in "The Cross" of Thursday July 6, 1989 "THE APOSTLES OF THE YEAR I: preamble that every Christian is "sick of the sin", the neocatechumenes "heals" some converts. The Italian bishops put in guard against their pratiques"(autorisation of bayard is urgent refused they will put can be the archives on their site, contact them...)

An article in "The Cross" of Friday July 7, 1989 "OF THE FAMILIES TO THE FOUR WINDS: According to the adepts of the movement néocatéchuménal, all family is missionary. The most committed leave all to evangelize the Japanese or the aborigines. Without cultural complexes."(authorization of bayard is urgent refused they will put can be the archives on their site, contact them...)

Testimony of a priest of quebec One sees the techniques of the path as the fact to say yes by the effect of group, but how much are then capable to say no? One sees the pressure more and more experienced strong person when they don't arrive has their end and the attempts of destabilization.

Testimony of the Evèque of the French Québecen

Testimony of a prètre of Thouars (79), the father BernardCe testimony has been addressed has the ADFI of poitiers by this last

Era of peace A Catholic site in English of MALTA, criticizing the path neocatechumenal,

The translation of this site in French by veiled

Small analysis of a testimony "deciphered"

Two histories: the Franciscans and the Pope Célestin V (Saint Pierre Célestin), and the quiétisme and the blessed Innocent XI, Pope by Orlando Fedelitraduit of Spanish by denis dumas

Lived it of some parishioners of St. vincent of Paul in Niort, on their experience of the path,

A site regrouping different pages against the path: the officiel,en ENGLISH

A site regrouping different pages against the path: the translation by veiled in French (* * * If you don't have the pages in French, but the first, that is that the server veiled doesn't function. It sometimes arrives... retry subsequently***)

Contained of the site :

* An article of Enrico ZOFFOLI (a prètre): what one must think the path néocatéchuménal, that they are, their creed, that must think one of them...

* An article of the sunday times of April 23, 1995: a Catholic sect accused of brain washing.

* An article of notes retranscribed of a debate on the held néocatéchuménat has Rome April 20, 1997

* An article of an ex adept: the mechanisms of mental conditioning within the path néocatéchuménal

* An article of Medjugorie of November 1995 (milan, Italy): The movement néocatéchuménal: a volcano of mistakes.

* Of the testimonies of parishioners, of which some are terrifying (doesn't have any other words when a son wants to kill his/her/its father because he criticizes the path and therefore... is the devil, or when some catechists order to a mother of more to see his/her/its son)

>A group of parishioners and an enquète made by the évèque of clifton as well as some témoignages>l'officiel,en ENGLISH

A group of parishioners and an enquète made by the évèque of clifton as well as some témoignages>EN FRENCH

Contained of the site :

A group of parishioners of clifton in angleterre created an association (Pasch): a grouping of parishioners against a secret church, following the problems met with the path néocatéchuménal. They regrouped various things concerning the path néocatéchuménal.You will see there:

* Various reports and secret teachings

* A comparison between the teaching of the path and the one of the church

* Various articles

* The report of the investigation made by Mgr Alexander MERVYN and the decree of interdiction to remain in the diocese of bristol board for the path.

A site makes by a Catholic priest against the path, in POLAND,

A new site against the path in POLAND

Record card of the path by the Center of documentation on the new religionsCanada; in French

Participate in the forum of the synod on the square (quite a lot of posts on the path)

Does the path have t it as many rights as it pretends it? The answer in picture (letter sent by a friend)...

the text of the Community of the Cult

divine of the 19-12-1988 appeared in the Romano Osservatore of December 24, 1988

concerning the célébarations eucharistiques of the NC

An article where one speaks of the cardinal ratzinger.. if, if remember yourselves of his/her/its laudatory article on the path on the site of Nancy...

The by-laws...

The by-laws of the path facts June 29, 2002Traduits in their entirety by DUMAS denis

The official reaction of grant ContiTraduit gino by DUMAS denis

Adista, News published on the bulletin n° 56 of July 15, 2002 of the RECOGNIZED international press agency, NOT RECOGNIZABLE: THE PATH NÉOCATÉCHUMÉNAL AND THE STATUTE


Info Religion, site of information pointing toward our site,

the domus galilae The international center of the path neocatechuménal (official site of the nc), you will see their megalomania... at the very least astonishing... Every person who will have gone until the tip of the path will have her engraved name in the passageway (that made me think about another group...)

Official site of the path on the diocese of Nancy (in other words, the path seen by him even), attention, you are on their site! There is not a home page anymore since some times and some pages html disappeared... strange

You will see their admitted goals there.Take care to read between the lines and the interview of kiko, their spiritual chief... the media move away the faith... You will see in other documents that this group applies to people in moral, spiritual distress and... psychological... You will seize the influence of such a movement...

The bibliography...

Send me your témoignages,ou documents, while specifying to me if I can or no to publish them. If you know other sites, thank you to signal them to me also. Thank you to the numerous testimonies received, but think has give me the authorization to publish them.

HRWF Groupe of struggle against the sects, you will see the path there classified néocatéchuménal with the scientologie, moon,les children of god, etc...

vigi-sectes.orgVous will find a passage on the path in sects / opus dei: "Some others new movements also make problem by their sinewy methods: the Neo-Catéchuménal path, Communion and Liberation, the Focolaris, the work and some components of the Renewal"

Well-off mathieu site You will find the path in other sects / groups non listed like sects by the parliamentary report, but capable to present some dangers

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